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VDS-PRO The program is designed to diagnose cars of the VAG group. zip Download
VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda KWP-2000 (ABS Teves Mk.60 2001+, 2002+), KWP6000 (CAN) & KWP7000 (UDS)

  • checking accumulated fault messages;
  • diagnostics of executive devices;
  • deletion of accumulated fault messages;
  • control device decoding;
  • reading groups of measured values;
  • channel adaptation.

Programs for car diagnostics are mainly presented in the form of scanners and software for ELM327, EOBD and OBD-II devices, which are used to process signals in diagnostic tires. Almost all of them are distributed by subscription with free access to the demo version. The only exception is the FORScan utility designed for certain car models.

The very process of working with programs of this type can be described as follows: first, the adapter is connected to the machine and computer (or laptop), after which a diagnostic utility is installed on the PC. In fact, it is a device management interface based on ELM327 or OBDII. Such diagnostic programs allow you to instantly determine error codes, monitor data from various sensors, adjust individual elements, run automatic tests and identify all possible malfunctions. Some utilities support reading VIN codes needed to quickly identify a particular car and its characteristics in the database. It is also worth considering that all diagnostic programs work only in conjunction with the appropriate scanner.

ScanMaster ELM Download


OBDII Error Codes Download PDF

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