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Rheingold is the program that came in to replace ISTA-D. it is installed in all official dealer services, but the old version is also registered.
The old version will no longer be supported after the new Rheingold is fully finalized

We also have a BMW DIS program for older BMW models 1995-2009, suitable for both diagnostics, error reading and coding. Plus, the INPA EdiaBas program is also suitable for you.

The new version has an accelerated work of quick tests. The new Rheingold uses FASTA technology, which determines the complete configuration of the car without bypassing all the blocks. The data is determined by the VIN number, this is enough to determine the configuration data. The test passes very quickly, since there is no need for all blocks for errors. The error removal algorithm has been changed: now the program automatically turns off and on the ignition.

Rheingold system requirements: Windows 7 or later to work correctly, the program needs almost no RAM. It was developed in MS Visual Studio and the main focus was on minimal Java intervention to speed up system performance since the old version was developed in Java.

To work with Rheingold, you can use: E-NET, ICOM, D-CAN, Omitec USB and OPS. Older versions of the program only supported ICOM.

Rheingold installation

Download Rheingold. For diagnostics, it will be enough to download everything, except for the SDP, BLP and ISTA-P archives (if available). These archives are needed if you have ICOM. Rheingold is ISTA-D. To learn how to determine what is what, you need to look at the end: D – Diagnostics, P – Programming.

For programming it is necessary to use ISTA-P

After downloading the files, open the Tools folder. We start installing additional programs:

We go to the Tools folder, find the Patched EDIABAS 7.3.0.msi installer (maybe it will be called differently for you) and install it:

Nothing complicated to install, just click Next.

Java installation
We go to the official Java website, download and install the latest version.

Installing Vcredist
Go to Tools\vcredist folder. If you have a 32-bit system, then install all distributions from the x86 folder, and if you have a 64-bit system, then install everything from two folders: x86 and x64. If you already have any (show a message) – just skip them by canceling the installation.

Install vs90_piaredist.exe
Run the file from the Tools folder and wait for the installation to complete.

Net Framework Installation
We enter the Tools \ Net Framework folder and install all versions of the framework. You also need to download .Net Framework 3.5 from the official Microsoft website. If you have Windows 7, it comes with the SP1 update (can be downloaded from Windows Update).

Unpacking the ISTA-D archive
Unpack ISTA-D x.xx.xx.7z to any folder, for example – F:\BMW\Rheingold. Use the latest version of 7-Zip to unpack.

Rheingold Activation

Before starting the program, go to the Tools folder and open the RCleanerV4.4.exe file, then run ISTA-D Reg Fix x64.reg or ISTA-D Reg Fix x86.reg, based on the bitness of the system (32-bit – x86, 64- bit – x64).

Run the file F:\BMW\Rheingold\TesterGUI\bin\Release\ISTAGUI.exe

Enter “1” in the fields Name and E-Mail

In the License field, enter the key, which is located in the Tools\License.txt file

Enter “1” in the ISIS field

Next, a notification will pop up, just click OK and the activation will complete.

Attention! Since version 4.20, activation may fail when the Next button does not work. To complete activation, click Cancel and reopen the program.

Rheingold setup

Let’s consider a common setup example for an E-NET cable (other cases are described in the FAQ-EN.pdf file). Run the file F:\BMW\Rheingold\TesterGUI\bin\Release\ISTAGUI.exe and click on the settings icon at the top right

Click on the Service Connector tab, select: Interface Model – HO-ICOM/ENET LAN and ISIS Network
Prefer Ethernet as preferred communication channel for ICOM ? – Not
FASTA Data…- Background Transfer Service

You will also need to change the network adapter settings. To do this, go to the Control Panel and find the Network and Sharing Center:

Select an item from the menu on the left Change adapter settings:
Next, you need to find the Local Area Connection label, where the cable plug will be drawn. If there are several of them (as in our case), then you need to find the one with the name of the network card. Select Properties:

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties:

Click Use the following IP address, and enter the IP address The subnet mask will be substituted automatically when you click on the second line in any cell:

Click OK to save the results. Other windows can be closed.

Download the always up-to-date (latest) version of Rheingold, as it contains the latest improvements and additions.

All distributions are tested by the author on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Works on both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit systems (x64).

We repeat once again: for normal diagnostics and standard functionality, you do not need to download SDP and ISTA-P from distributions. If you do not consider yourself an advanced user, do not download them, thereby speeding up the appearance of the program on your computer:

Download Rheingold

Below are Rheingold distributions up to 2014:

4.24.13 / SDP-BLP 4.24.12 / ISTA-P / 2020 Service Data (SDP) — 170 Gb
ISTA-P — 66.9 Gb Download

[СТАБИЛЬНАЯ ВЕРСИЯ] 4.23.16 / SDP-BLP 4.23.13 / ISTA-P / 2020 Download

4.22.13 / SDP-BLP 4.22.14 / 2020 Download

4.21.12 / SDP-BLP 4.21.12 / 2019 Download

4.20.31 / SDP-BLP 4.20.30 / ISTA-P / 2019 Download

4.20.12 / SDP-BLP 4.20.11 / ISTA-P / 2019 Download

4.19.15 / SDP 4.19.13 / BLP 4.19.13 / 2019 Download

4.18.32 / SDP-BLP 4.18.33 / ISTA-P / 2019 Download

4.17.13 / SDP 4.17.11 / BLP 4.17.11 / 2019 Download

4.16.14 / SDP 4.16.10 / BLP 4.16.10 / 2019 Download

4.15.16 / SDP 4.15.12 / ISTA-P / 2018 Download

4.14.14 / SDP 4.14.12 / ISTA-P / 2018 Download

4.13.14 / SDP 4.13.11 / ISTA-P / 2018 Download

4.12.12 / SDP 4.12.12 / ISTA-P / 2018 Download

4.11.32 / SDP 4.11.30 / ISTA-P / 2018 Download

4.11.22 / SDP 4.11.20 / 2018 Download

4.10.20 / SDP 4.10.21 / ISTA-P / 2018 Download

4.09.13 / SDP 4.09.12 / ISTA-P / 2017 Download

4.08.31 / 2017 Download
4.08.13 / SDP 4.08.11 / ISTA-P / 2017 Download

4.07.13 / SDP 4.07.11 / ISTA-P / 2017 Download

4.06.22 / SDP 4.06.20 / ISTA-P / 2017 Download

4.05.31 / SDP 4.05.22 / ISTA-P / 2017 Download

4.04.12 / SDP 4.04.11 / ISTA-P / 2017 Download

4.03.31 / SDP 4.03.30 / ISTA-P / 2017 Download

4.03.13 / SDP 4.02.31 / ISTA-P / 2016 Download

4.02.14 / SDP 4.02.13 / ISTA-P / 2016 Download

4.01.22 / PSDZDATA 4.01.22 / 2016 Download

4.01.21 / ISTA-P / 2016 Download
3.56.21 / ISTA-P / 2016 Download
3.55.11 / ISTA-P / 2016 Download
3.54.11 / ISTA-P / 2016 Download

3.53.13 / ISTA-P / 2015 Download
3.52.16 / ISTA-P / 2015 Download
3.51.13 / ISTA-P / 2015 Download
3.50.32 / ISTA-P / 2015 Download
3.50.10 / ISTA-P / 2015 Download
3.47.10 / BMW WDS / Regular and VMWare / 2014 VMWare . torrent Download
3.47.10 / BMW WDS / Regular and VMWare regular version Download

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