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PsdzData is an ECU data package required for vehicle coding, firmware and module updates in the E-Sys program. There are two versions – PsdzData Full and PsdzData Lite.

If you are not going to flash the ECU (update the version of the “brains”), but just want to encode the FDL (functions, options, etc.), then you need the Lite version.

The Full and Lite versions are completely identical, except that the Lite version does not have the SWFL files (firmware files) that are ONLY needed for flashing, which is why it weighs so little (about 1 GB).

The Lite version only contains the core files needed for encoding only and is much smaller in size.

The full version is HUGE, weighing over 140GB and not needed by most people as it contains data that is only used to update the firmware. In any case, it is not recommended to update the blocks without realizing which vehicle functions the update may affect, since if the process is not understood, in the event of errors, the control units may become unusable.

How to install correctly?
Since PsdzData is not a program, but a data package, read about installing E-Sys.

Download PsdzData (+ torrent)
You can download PsdzData from the links below (the data will be updated):

Lite version
3.55.1 (.torrent) [2015] Download
v.4.10.30 Download
4.20.11 [2019] Download
v.61.4 Download
v.62.5 Download
Full version
2.53.0 [2014] Download
2.54.2 [2014] Download [2015] Download
4.14.4 [2018] Download
4.22.31 [2019] Download
4.24.12 [2020] Download

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