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Let’s start with the program, which for the first time in its first version entered the market in the now distant 2003 – PROScan. Then there was only one version – for PCs and laptops on the Windows operating system, and there were no versions for smartphones due to the lack of smartphones themselves in nature. All this time, PROScan has been continuously developing, and in 2015 it was bought by a specialized company, and the program was included in the Total Car Diagnostics (TOAD) comprehensive software package.

The program is compatible with any adapters based on the ELM327 chip, is popular for its convenient and intuitive interface, information content, accurate instructions and diagnostic methods. It has been well tested by time and has an impressive base of its own developments and data accumulated over 17 years of existence.

Many reviewers on the Web emphasize the advantage of PROScan, which is expressed in the ability to synchronize work and test all sensors on the move at speeds up to 100 km / h. Indeed, in PROScan this function is implemented almost in the best way, when compared with other programs. However, Expertology experts suggest not to lose sight of other equally important aspects of the ProScan functionality.

Older versions of PROScan can still be found on the web, and they can do quite a lot. For example, analyze, calculate and instantly display in real time fuel efficiency even with an estimate of the cost of the trip. The program also correctly evaluates power and torque, compiling parallel infographics, calculates performance statistics, conducts versatile diagnostics of oxygen sensors, and much more. Based on the received data, PROScan generates diagnostic reports.

Much more interesting is the modern “incarnation” of PROScan in the form of the aforementioned Total Car Diagnostics (TOAD) package. Here, the functionality has been significantly expanded in terms of conducting the most diverse, including highly specialized tests with a visual demonstration. Added the ability to wirelessly communicate with the adapter.

Despite all the informativeness of the program, the main complaint of users is excessive “abstruseness”. Using the program is easy and simple, but the abundance of numbers in the test results and a minimum of direct recommendations or conclusions is an advantage for the pros. Ordinary car owners still need to look at something simpler.


ProScan 6.5 – Program for car diagnostics with ELM327 adapter
Version: 6.5



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