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To use the program, you need to establish a connection using a special diagnostic adapter. It is possible to select the protocol and port for connection. The application can be used to diagnose various car models from 1996 onwards.

Reading data
The utility allows you to get readings from various sensors. Supports real-time data change monitoring function. All information is presented in a visual form on the graphs.

With the help of the program, you can display a dashboard on the screen to monitor speed, engine speed, coolant temperature, tire pressure, and so on. Users can create their own templates that include certain sensors. Also available is the function of recording information in the log.

The application allows you to send OBD commands to control the ECU. It is possible to reset error codes.


  • the application can be downloaded and used for free;
  • the utility allows you to get information about the state of the car’s electronic control units;
  • diagnostics requires an adapter that transmits data via the OBD II protocol;
  • it is possible to send commands and connect third-party plugins;
  • the function of monitoring the indicators of sensors and control devices in real time is available;
  • The program is compatible with current versions of Windows.

Download PCMScan from the official website
Download PCMScan

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