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With the unstoppable development of the automotive industry, the design of each specific model is also becoming more complicated. An increasing number of tasks are assigned to electronic circuits – which means that the number of monitoring sensors is growing.
Our directory contains electrical circuit diagrams for almost all popular models of automakers.

Most of the schemes presented in the directory are in color, in good quality and in English. This allows you to work with them more conveniently when searching for various elements, modules and nodes. To increase the size of the diagram, click on the image, and then on the icon above the diagram. All wiring diagrams are collected from open sources and any circuit from the site can be downloaded absolutely free. Our diagram directory is updated periodically, so if you did not find the information you need on the site today, please try again later.

Separately, the site presents a heading for the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment of various car models, provides tips on testing electrical wiring, quick checking and replacing fuses and lighting devices. The directory also contains a section of articles where you can find reviews and tips to help motorists operate cars, prepare them for winter, and much more.

In the event of a failure or malfunction, the owner of the machine immediately receives an alert from the electronic system in the form of an alarm indicator that lights up.

Probably, there is not a single driver who has not seen such an “alarm” at least once. But what exactly does the error message mean? What kind of trouble awaits you and how soon – a minor repair that can be delayed, or an emergency replacement of a critical element?

Most often, simple peripheral units fail: fuses, light bulbs, various headlights and relays. Therefore, in order not to spend money on service stations, you can easily cope with these minor problems yourself, having minimal knowledge in an auto electrician.
To simplify the task, we recommend buying such a universal device as an autotester (digital).

For prevention, in order to avoid serious problems with electrical equipment, the following is recommended every 15,000 kilometers:

clean the battery from dirt and dust
to remove the electrolyte, wipe the surface of the battery with a cloth moistened with a 10% solution of ammonia or soda ash
after wiping the battery with a dry cloth
check the electrolyte level in the battery and top up with distilled water if necessary
Check battery voltage and recharge if necessary.

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