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BMW Software. On this page you can download programs for BMW related to diagnostics and programming Rheingold (ISTA-D), PsdzData, INPA EdiaBas, ISTA-P. Installation and setup.


BMWAiCoder is a program that allows you to make car coding much easier due to its simplicity. The interface has been translated from Chinese into English, so using the program will become much more comfortable if you do not speak Chinese, of…Read More »

BMW ISTA-P. Installation and setup

BMW ISTA-P is a complex for programming and updating car blocks. In order to learn how to do this, you need one of the adapters: INPA K+DCAN, ENET, OMNITECOPS, ICOM or ICOM A2. Attention! All ongoing operations MAY result in the death…Read More »


BMW INPA EdiaBas is a software package for professional ECU programming, coding and diagnostics for BMW, Rolls Royce and Mini. This scanner can access any ECU. Using BMW INPA EdiaBas real-time parameter reading allows you to control any executing mechanism. List of…Read More »

PsdzData Full & Lite Version

PsdzData is an ECU data package required for vehicle coding, firmware and module updates in the E-Sys program. There are two versions – PsdzData Full and PsdzData Lite. If you are not going to flash the ECU (update the version of the…Read More »

BMW E-sys. Installation and Setup

E-Sys is a very important_coding program. The_total number of parameters with which you can_change the car exceeds 100 (each body has its own encodings). It is worth remembering_that when working with the program_you need to save data, as there is_a possibility that…Read More »

BMW/Mini Coding Database PC Software

BMW Coding Database is a desktop program that allows you to find the necessary encodings to change vehicle parameters. With it, you can see all the functions of your car that are available for change by selecting a filter by body and…Read More »