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Cadillac CT6 Diagnostic Trouble Codes

  • Active noise cancellation system – Diagnostic code index
  • Antilock Bracke system – Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Antilock Bracke system – Hybrid (HP9) Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Automatic transmission – 4EL70 (MRD) trouble codes
  • Automatic transmission – 8L45 (M5N) or 8L90 (M5X) trouble codes
  • Battery, Charging system and Starting system – Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Bolted Exterior body panels & closures
  • Bumpers & fascias – Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Cellular system, Entertaiment system & Navigation system
  • Cruise controle system trouble codes
  • Data communication system – Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Engine Controls / Fuel 2.0L (LTG)
  • Engine Controls / Fuel 3.0L (LGW) and 3.6L (LGX)
  • Engine colling system
  • Engine mechanical 2.0L (LTG) – Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Engine mechanical 3.0L (LGW) and 3.6L (LGX)
  • Fixed and moveable windows diagnostic codes
  • Horn system – Diagnostic trouble codes
  • HVAC system – Automatic
  • Hybrid/EV controls Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Hybrid/EV energy storage Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Hybrid system heating and cooling
  • Hidraulic brake system trouble codes
  • Immobilizer Diagnostic fault codes
  • Keyless entry system and remote functions
  • Lighting system fault codes

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