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E-Sys is a very important_coding program. The_total number of parameters with which you can_change the car exceeds 100 (each body has its own encodings).

It is worth remembering_that when working with the program_you need to save data, as there is_a possibility that something will_not go according to plan, so always save_your original configurations!

You can always use the solution_from BimmerCode if you need to change options_quickly and without connecting a laptop. True, you will need an ELM327 adapter.

On the Internet, many_people ask if there is a step-by-step_installation or installation instructions, because_often there are problems during_installation. If you don’t know how to work with this_program or don’t know where to start, read_our article and learn with us!

To get started, download_E-Sys (links at the bottom of the page) so you_can install it. To activate the_closed functionality, namely_FDL coding (making changes to the_block configuration), we need_Launcher Pro from Tokenmaster with the_TokenBuster activator. In the regular_version of E-sys, only changes_to the vehicle equipment (VO / FA), coding of blocks with_a given configuration_and firmware of blocks with new software_versions are available.

IMPORTANT: In order to avoid problems, it is_strongly recommended to flash blocks with_clean E-Sys, without launching it through_third-party activation programs (Launcher_Premium, Launcher Pro, EsysX, etc.).

Installing E-Sys

Installation is the easiest, but let’s look at some_points. First, let’s start the installation_of E-Sys, agree with the rules, install_along the path that the_installer will offer:

The next step is to_choose the path for setting_the data for work: leave the path_unchanged, click next:

We complete the installation_and download PsdzData (for a test, download the Lite_version. We recommend reading and deciding on_the version). After downloading, you_need to unzip the archive and copy the data to the C: / Data / psdzdata folder.

Launcher installation. TokenMaster and TokenBuster

TokenMaster Launcher Pro has_stopped working as it was valid until_April 21, 2020. But there is_another TokenBuster solution from_montecrypto which we will_describe below.

Download_archive E-Sys 3.30.1 + E-Sys Launcher PRO v2.8.1 + and_unpack.

After you have installed E-Sys, you_need to update it by installing_the launcher. Installation_proceeds in the usual mode_using the “Next” button:

You can select any folder – it will not affect anything

After the installation is complete, right-click on Token_Generator.exe and run as_administrator.
You need to_generate an EST file for the launcher to work. To_do this, click Save Token and select_any folder. We recommend saving to the C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys directory:

Data can be left the same

Launch E-Sys Launcher_PRO from desktop. The following_window will open in_front of you:

You may already have_the path to E-Sys in the List table, so go_to the next step, but if empty, click on the_plus icon and_add the path specified_during installation (the default value will be shown):

Then you need to specify the path_to the generated .est file. To do this, in_the “EST Path” field, click on the_ellipsis (…) and select the file:

Select the file and_click Open

Enter the code 1234 in the_PIN field and click Launch Now. An activation_window will appear in front of you. Copy the Request Code and_paste it into the Token_Generator in the Activation Code field:

We copy the received code in_the generator and paste it into the Activation_Code field, the field of which we press Activate Now:

Everything! Now launch the launcher_using the Launch Now button. Subsequently, the_program must be launched through the E-Sys Launcher_PRO shortcut.


For an updated installation from_TokenMaster, you need to download_ESysLauncherPROSetup_2.8.2_Build_162b + BFU_XODE .7z from the link below. Inside there_will be a launcher itself and an_updated BFU_XODE. It requires E-Sys 3.27.1 to work. The installation is_similar to installing TokenBuster,_only to enter the PIN you need to_enter 12345678 and the activation code in the Activation Code field:


Download E-Sys
You can download E-Sys from Mega, after selecting the version you_need. If you need a version with a launcher from_TokenBuster, then you need to download the archive E-Sys 3.30.1 + E-Sys Launcher_PRO v2.8.1 + Token, which contains everything for_installation. The following versions are currently_available:

  • 3.25.3
  • 3.27.1
  • 3.29.0
  • 3.30.1
  • 3.31.0
  • 3.32.0
  • 3.32.1
  • 3.33.0
  • 3.33.4

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